General information

NEWS: You can find the beamer slides of some of the presentations in the list of speakers and abstracts (click on the name of the speaker).

Program in pdf format: download.

The Junior GESTA will take place on 27th and 28th of April at UPC Barcelona (EPSEB, ground floor, Sala de Graus).

In the menu you can find the schedule of the talks and the list of speakers and abstracts.

The organizers of this conference are: Álvaro del Pino Gomez, Anna Kiesenhofer, Eva Miranda, Arnau Planas y Fran Presas.

Some participants are lodged at Residencia Torre Girona, you can find the location of the place here.


This workshop is supported by a research grant provided by the Department of Mathematics UPC and by Generalitat de Catalunya 2014 SGR 00634 Geometria de varietats i aplicacions.


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